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Live stock sales from Dwyer Young

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Dwyer Young  offers a wide range of livestock sales to the agricultural industry. Dwyer Young organises regular livestock and sale events through livestock events of Mid-North Coast and Lower Hunter. Currently Dwyer Young have regular sales at Maitland, Gloucester and Nabiac.

Dwyer Young sells cattle through local saleyards, at auctions, direct to feedlots or directly from paddocks. Livestock sales assistance is provided by an experienced team at Dwyer Young resulting in sales service that is second to none. The livestock team consists of Bill Dwyer, James Gooch and Neville Cox from Maitland sales.

Dwyer Young offers a wide range of horse and pony breeds. Horse breeds from Dwyer Young includes Abaco Barb, Abtenauer, Abyssinian, Aegidienberger, Altai, Akhal-Teke, Albanian, American Cream Draft, American paint horse, American quarter horse, American Saddlebred, American Spotted Paso, Amercian Warmblood, Appaloosa, Arappaloosa, Arenberg-Norkirchen, Asturcon, Australian Stock Horse, etc.

Different breeds of ponies are offered by Dwyer Young which includes Quarter pony, Australian pony, Sable island pony, Sardinian pony, welsh pony, Welsh mountain pony, skogsruss, Shetland pony, etc.

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