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Care-Free product from ETS Envirotek Solutions

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Care-Free product provided by ETS Envirotek Solutions also encompasses features such as reduce the effects of salts in well water, reduces leaf burn, water penetrates soil better, requirement of less fertilizers, stop scale or corrosion in water systems, greater yields, inhibits algae growth, stop salt encrustation, savings on power and diesel. Care-Free water conditioner product provided by ETS Envirotek Solutions works in similar manner as that of a catalyst converter in a car. Catalyst converter converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. This involves two primary operations namely turbulence of the water flows through a specially designed catalytic chamber and by the creation of a small electrical field around the chamber casing.

The mixing of these two effects results in a separation of mineral particles or salts in the water supply which in turn result in change in their behaviour. Care-Free Water Conditioner removes the cohesion that exists between the salt or mineral particles that exist in the in the water supply. A broad range of scientific research has revealed that mineral particles are concentrated roughly from the size of a fist to the size of a fingernail.

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