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Soil monitoring system from ETS Envirotek Solutions

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ETS Envirotek Solutions offers advanced technology with reference to soil monitoring as well as conversation products. The proprietor of ETS Envirotek Solutions encompasses his experience starting from installing irrigation to selling vegetables and fruit. ETS Envirotek Solutions understand the requirement for low maintenance, top quality and cost effective technology and can also discuss as well as implement solutions that would personally suit client’s needs. ETS Envirotek Solutions provides Enviropro, manufactured by APCOS and other care-free products.

Enviropro offers real-time continuous moisture, salinity and temperature readings at 100 millimetre depth intervals. It does not require adjustment with reference to sensor settings or recalibrate,  encompassing remote monitoring and control via low powered radio network; Enviropro also has adjustable and downloadable soil calibration that is pertaining to each of the sensors in the probe. The Enviropro can be reconfigured at any point of time when new algorithms are researched. Completely encapsulated in order to prevent long term degradation, Enviropro manufactured by APCOS from ETS Envirotek Solutions works in all kinds of soil types.

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