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Breeding of Angus studs from Eaglehawk Angus

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Eaglehawk Angus  is a family run business which specialises in commercial herds and Angus studs. Eaglehawk Angus focuses mainly on sires which provide maximum feed conversion efficiencies without losing the act of the replacement females. Over the few years Eaglehawk Angus has found that good ones rise to the crest and they are the ones which have moderate frame size as well as softness. Eaglehawk Angus located in New England Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. Eaglehawk Angus is mainly involved in commercial cattle business.

Eaglehawk Angus involves in breeding cattle which are economical to manage. Eaglehawk Angus also rears calf once a year without any kind of support and with optimum traits which enables clients to have a complete access to the wide range of markets available. The professional team member of Eaglehawk Angus utilises one of the latest technology that are available as well as advanced principles in producing healthy Angus cattle breed. The clients of Eaglehawk Angus demand certain standards which are in turn satisfied by the company. Eaglehawk Angus offers necessary assistance to calf at the time of birth if required.

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