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Earthquip  offers Merlo range such as panoramic, Multifarmer, Turbofarmer, Roto, DBM, Cingo and TreEmme. The Noram graders from Earthquip are available in a total weight of 7614 kilogram. The axles in Noram graders from Earthquip comprises of rear axle - torque proportioning differential, LCD message center, full power shift with torque converter, 6 speed forward - top speed 38.4 kilometre/h, Electronic shift control, shift inhibit system. The optional equipment with reference to Noram graders from Earthquip includes Cab, Dozer - 2438 x 610 millimetre, factory air conditioner, with skid plates, float control valves, Moldboard pitch, hydraulic, Rear ripper - 1905 millimetre wide.

Mccormick agricultural tractor offered by Earthquip includes models such as McCormick-C Range, McCormick-CX, McCormick-Loaders, McCormick-MC, McCormick-MTX, McCormick-XTX, McCormick-ZTX. Earthquip provides spare parts such as cutting edges and teeth, filters, engine parts, hydraulic parts, electrical, engine, cabin glass, doors so on. Earthquip offers spar parts in such a way that it suits all brands like Halla, Merlo, Takeuchi, Venerie and so on. Hidromek backhoes from Earthquip are a time proven Turkish design. It has reliable perkins power, maximises the break-out force with the help of kinematic design and so on.

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