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Mining and construction equipment from Earthwest

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Earthwest  is a supplier of quality mining and construction equipment for the Western Australian market. Earthwest also provides services facility to customers with reference to construction and mining equipment. Earthwest encompasses professional staffs in order to fulfil client’s requirements pertaining to sales, service and so on. Earthwest custom tailors solutions as per customer’s requirements. The new machinery variety provided by Earthwest includes items such as crawler excavator, W loader-tool carrier, wheel loader, skid steer loader, wheeled excavator, mini excavator, rock drill, agricultural, artic dump truck and tractor.

Earthwest offers crawler excavator models such as R080-7, R110-7, R140LC-7, R160LC-7, R180LC-7, R210LC-7, R250LC-7, R290LC-7, R320LC-7, R360LC-7, R450LC-7 and R500LC-7. The R080-7 crawler excavator from Earthwest was built keeping in mind the accessibility. The entire door, hoods and covers in R080-7 are built with complete open access. R080-7 provides ample space in order to complete the regular service as well as maintenance without any problem. R080-7 is fixed with a durable plastic cleaner that enable customers to maintain the crawler excavator in an easy manner. High capacity fuel filters as well as transparent water separator is also included in order to protect the injection system.

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