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W loader tool carrier from Earthwest

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The W loader tool carrier from Earthwest includes models such as HL730TM-7, HL740TM-7 and HL757TM-7. The skid steer loader from Earthwest includes two models such as HSL650-7 and HSL850-7. The HSL650-7 skid steer loader model from Earthwest includes standard equipment such as hand throttle lever, direct cooling system, dual element air cleaner, dual element air cleaner, Aux. piping (3-spool),Joystick lever, Bow tie drive chain, console, mold dashboard, canopy (ROPS/FOPS), room mirror, vandalism protection, spark arresting muffler, seat bar and seat belt.

The optional equipment from Earthwest comprise of Pre-cleaner, Self levelling system, Master switch, Backup alarm, Enclosure Cabin (ROPS/FOPS), Heater, Air-con & heater, Defroster, Fenders, Side mirrors and Turn lamp. The DX series compact tractor offered by Earthwest make more difficult job easier. DX series compact tractor provided by Earthwest includes features such as mow, till, dig post holes, move loads of dirt or mulch, lift and load materials, perform blade work, add a backhoe to dig. The seats in DX series compact tractor are designed in such a way that it provides comfort which involves long hour drive.

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