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Yamaha TTR accessories from Eastcoast50s

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Eastcoast50s  offers a new range of accessories pertaining to Yamaha TTR. These accessories comprise of Motovent Daytona 125(Demo bike) and Honda CRF50 (88 Mod). The Honda CRF50 comes with features such as 88 Mod Engine, Takegawa heavy duty clutch, comprehensive high seat with gripper cover, Five0 shifter, BBR exhaust pipe, oversize pegs, Billetware frame, BBR swingarm, works shock, Five0 Extended fork leg kit, 12 inch front wheel, heavy duty spokes, SMpro rims, Red Baron bar mount, Tag bars, Sano gas cap and Sano throttle housing.

The features of the Five0 CRF50 Pro Frame from Eastcoast50s are Takegawa 106 superhead kit, Takegawa high volume oil pump, Five0 Shifter, Five0 Peg Mount, Five0 Billet pegs and Five0 Exhaust. Takegawa heavy duty clutch, Takegawa Kick starter, Five0 Dive Dip sitck, light speed carbon fibre ignition cover, heavy duty stainless steel spokes, Five0 Rev Box and Five0 carbon fibre skid plate are also included in the features. Some other features are Five0 Pro frame and shock, Five0 chain guide, light speed carbon tank cover, Five0 Billet gas cap, Five0 high seat foam and cover, Fast 50 Billet hubs, Excell Rims, Fast50 speed forks and disc kit,Five0 Bar clamp, S&M Slam Bars, Fast50s rear hand brake kit.

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