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Breeding Program from Eastern Plains Angus

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Eastern Plains Angus  sources its new genetics with the help of AI and ET technology. Eastern Plains Angus places more emphasis on traits in their site selection and breeding program. Eastern Plains Angus rest more importance the meat quality trait that is balanced with growth and fertility traits.

Eastern Plains Angus assesses the meat quality traits of carcass weight, rump fat, eye muscle area, rib fat, retail beef yield and intra-muscular fat at the time of selecting the new genetics that go into the breeding program.

Eastern Plains Angus has laid certain criteria for sire selection which includes traits such as average birth weight, average milk, above average 600 day growth and fertility, retail beef yield, above average carcass weight, eye muscle area, and intra-muscular fat (marbling), and average fat.

Eastern Plains Angus uses its commercial herd in order to assess seedstock genetics and their progeny which primarily supplies feeder steers for the long fed export markets. Eastern Plains Angus artificially inseminates about 100 HBR and APR females to sires in order to yield quality meat traits. Eastern Plains Angus records the progeny of commercial herds which is in turn used in the sire evaluation program.

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