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Calf weaning from Easy Wean

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Cattle producers use noserings from Easy Wean in order to reduce the stress of weaning which is caused by separating the cow from the calf, rather than the loss of milk for the calf.  The nosering’s impact is to reduce stress during the weaning period.  Easy Wean noserings allow calves and lambs to stay with their mothers and still be effectively weaned.

The noserings offered by Easy Wean have undergone innovative design improvements but some of the original versions are still being used to test their longevity.

Numerous calves have been effectively weaned in Australia with the help of Easy Wean noserings.  The nosering from Easy Wean works in two ways.  The calf is unable to access the cow’s teats as the nosering flops in front of its mouth.  Secondly, the cows are put in an uncomfortable situation as the spikes brush against their udders.  The discomfort makes them move away, preventing suckling.

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