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Stress and trouble free weaning solution from Easy Wean

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Fitting a nosering from Easy Wean involves a simple procedure.  Once the calf is in a crush or headbale, push one lug into a nostril and with the help of one’s index finger, flip the nose diagonally allowing the other lug to drop into the other nostril.  Tighten the wingnut until it allows minimal movement.  The nosering from Easy Wean is designed in such a way that calves have no problems with grazing.  It is recommended that the nosering stays on for four weeks after lactation ceases, six weeks in total.

To remove the nosering, loosen the wingnut and softly twist out the nosering.  Easy Wean suggests that operators wear gloves in order to give them the confidence to grasp the spikes and lessen the chance of scratching or catching a finger in the ring.  Easy Wean recommends operators soak the noserings in detergent and wash them with a brush before drying and storing.

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