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Wean your calves successfully with EasyWean noserings

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article image EasyWean noserings can be easily fitted in under a minute

Thousands of calves have been successfully weaned using the EasyWean method in Australia.

The principle benefit of the EasyWean nosering method is that the calf does not suffer the usual growth stunt caused by separation and emotional stress.

The nosering prevents the calf from accessing the teat as easily, while the cow is made uncomfortable by the spikes through the calf’s persistent attempts to suckle and consequently the lactation is supressed.

Fitting an Easywean nosering is simple and can be done be in under a minute. The nosering can simply be tightened by adjusting the wing nut.

While the spikes may look aggressive EasyWean should not cause grazing restriction or injury to your stock.

EasyWean nosering should stay on for 4-6 weeks to ensure lactation has ceased.

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