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Simplex and Duplex series of basket strainers from Eaton Filtration

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Eaton Filtration  provides a distinctive range of pipeline strainers. These pipeline strainers are available in different models including Simplex basket strainers, Duplex basket strainers, fabricated strainers, automatic self cleaning strainers, screens and elements. Simplex 72 series of strainers from Eaton Filtration have been specifically designed for the removal of particulate matter from process media such as flow meters, pumps and spray nozzles. These strainers comprise of features including quick open cover, large capacity baskets, machined basket seat, threaded drain and perforated stainless steel baskets. Eaton Filtration offers a diverse range of optional accessories in conjunction with these strainers such as vent valves, drain valves, magnetic basket inserts and switch connections.

Duplex 53BTX series of basket strainers, from Eaton Filtration, comprise of features including eyebolts enabling easy access, flanged connections, dynamic ball sealing system, double stem seals, easy to turn operating handle, and unique seat design. These basket strainers ensure to provide trouble free operation and specifically developed for protecting expensive pipeline system components from unwanted particles. Y strainers from Eaton Filtration can be used for mechanical removal of unwanted solid particles from liquid, gas and steam lines. These strainers function with the aid of a wire mesh straining element.

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