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Eco Bag Industries provide an Eco Bag which is a drip watering system for watering young trees. It is designed to be a water saving device as it waters and fertilises young trees for up to one month; prevents evaporation, stops weed growth and increases survival rates when mass planting trees in remote places.


Question: 24/09/14 - Do you have an agent forEco Tree Bags in Victoria or do I have to order from Queensland?


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18/11/11 - The Eco Bag watering system is designed to systematically and automatically deliver water directly to the plant - find out more here.
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31/08/11 - ECO Bag drip irrigation system bags have been successfully used during drought conditions in various locations.
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25/07/11 - Eco Bag drip watering systems help save water and fertilise young trees for up to one month.
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10/03/11 - Eco Bag drip watering systems increase the survival rates for trees and plants in different regions.
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Eco Bag Industries (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 3100
Victoria Point West
QLD 4165
Tel: 0407 131 755

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