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Tree survival with the Eco Bag

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The Eco Bag, an automatic tree watering system, can be a key to tree survival in Australia’s harsh climate. It consists of a vinyl container which needs replenishing about once a month and is placed around the base of a newly planted tree and filled with water and soluble fertilizer.

It then delivers water to the tree through a patented adjustable capillary wick device, which maintains a constant flow rate and ensures the tree will get the correct amount of water. The bags can be moved to other newly planted trees when the original host trees become self-sustaining.

The Eco Bag holds approx 25 litres of water and its capillary wick can be adjusted to drip about one litre a day, which is sufficient to sustain most trees. Its ability to reduce soil moisture evaporation losses and prevention of weeds from competing for water at the base of the plant is a big plus for the Eco Bag and costs considerably less than other micro drip irrigation methods.

The bag also provides a home for earthworms - considered to be the best cultivators of soil in the world. Naturally, Eco Bags do not overheat, even on the hottest days you will find earth-worms under the bag in the moist soil. However, trees get the hydroponic benefit of warm water and insulation. This enables trees and shrubs to be planted at any time of the year and grow through summer.

Another benefit offered by the Eco Bag is its ability to feed the tree with soluble fertiliser that can be added to the water, for a slow release boost eg. Liquid Concentrate Sea Weed solution. The bags were originally meant solely for the irrigation and tree services in reforestation projects but they have subsequently proved very popular for the ongoing irrigation of fruit trees and shrubs.

In a domestic garden or landscape situation, they will blend in perfectly with the surroundings simply by making a shallow depression for the bag and covering it with straw, light mulch, sawdust, wood chips etc. as long as it is not too heavy.

The Eco Bag received Queensland Country Life's Farm Invention of the Year award, as well as an award from the Australian Industry Development Corporation and is sold world wide, since 1990. Eco Bag is manufactured for Eco Bag Industries , Brisbane, Queensland.

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