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eCo-shot answers FAQ about its LPG fuel injection system

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eCo-shot answers frequently asked questions about its  innovative LPG fuel injection system, suitable for any turbo diesel vehicle or application.  

Q. Why inject gas into engines?
The gas acts  as a secondary fuel in turbo diesel engines.  Because gas burns more cleanly it means that engines are more efficient, running cleaner, cooler and longer, as well as offering a quick, smooth and powerful engine response.  

Q. Is the LPG injection system suitable for pumps?
Yes.  The eCo-shot system is suitable for diesel pumps and other applications, which will also experience similar environmental and cost efficiency benefits as vehicles.  

Q. Why does is using LPG more efficient?
When combined with diesel fuel the gas acts as a catalyst leading to almost 100 % of the fuel being burned, compared to approximately 75 % being burned without a gas injection.  This leads to increased torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency.  

Q. How much will the torque and power be increased by?
Depending on the vehicle and application horsepower and torque can increase between 20 and 60 %.  

Q. Will an injection of gas improve mileage?
Yes.  Fuel efficiency can be significantly increased.  Depending on driving style, up to a 20 to 30 % reduction in fuel usage can be experienced.  

Q. Is the eCo-shot injection system suitable for towing heavy loads?
Yes, eCo-shot  is ideal for towing as it increases the vehicle’s power and performance.  

Q. Can eCo-shot be used with other aftermarket performance products for diesel powered vehicles?
Yes.  The eCo-shot system will further enhance the performance of chips, exhaust systems and other performance accessories.  

Q. Does the eCo-shot system increase EGT temperatures?
It varies dependent on application.  Temperature can increase by up to 25°C or may even decrease.  

Q. What are the benefits of installing an eCo-shot fuel injection system?
The LPG injection system givers turbo diesel owners increased power when towing, fuel mileage and throttle responsiveness.  In addition the system is more eco-friendly reducing both fuel used and harmful carbon and  nitrogen emissions.

Q. What style of driving is the fuel injection system suitable for?
Whilst the amount of benefit varies, the eCo-shot system is suitable for all styles of driving, including:  

  • Driving around town – the vehicle will have increased energy efficiency and be more responsive
  • Towing trailers – eCo-shot gives increased pulling power that makes big hills seem a lot smaller
  • Off-road – the extra power provided by the injection system really benefits off-road vehicles
  • Trucks – trucks really benefit from the extra power and the increase in fuel efficiency can lead to big savings every year  
Q. Can the eCo-shot system be turned off or adjusted?  
Yes.  There is a power switch inside the cab that gives the driver full control of turning the system on or off.  The flow of gas is always off unless the vehicle ignition and system is on.   The system is adjustable so that flow rates can be easily changed between towing and performance.  

Visit the eCo-shot website for further information about the LPG fuel injection system and to view examples of cost savings for a variety of vehicles and pumps.

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