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eCo-shot explains how its LPG fuel injection system leads to reduction in costs and harmful emissions

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eCo-shot explains how the system works and the benefits of using its innovative, eco-friendly fuel system.

Q. What is eCo-shot?
A. eCo-shot, kown as Powershot in the US, is an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) for diesel powered vehicles that has been available in Australia since early 2007.  It has been proven to increase power and fuel savings by up to 30%.    

Q. How does the eCo-shot System work?

A. The eCo-shot LPG Injection System is an innovative method of LPG delivery that is activated and controlled by the boost pressure of the engine.  The LPG injection system activates slowly, and steadily increases the flow of gas in proportion to the boost.  

The injection system is only activated once the vehicle ignition is on and the engine running.  The eCo-shot system is installed under the bonnet with no permanent modifications to either vehicle or engine.   

The LPG will only be injected when the boost reaches a pre-set poundage, which is determined by engine and usage, so no boost pressure means no LPG flow.  

Q. What are the benefits of using the eCo-shot?

A. The LPG injection system has been shown to reduce diesel cost by up to 20%.  This is because by mixing a shot of LPG with the air in the turbo leads to improved burn efficiency in the combustion chamber.  It increases the average diesel combustion from roughly 75% of the diesel in the chamber to up to 95%.  

It can also extend the intervals between services because the increased burning efficiency leads to less excess diesel dropping into the sump and making the oil dirty.  

The LPG injection system can also lead to improved pulling power as the improved combustion created by the shot of LPG gives increased torque and horsepower.  

The improved combustion also means that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced; CO2 by up to 10% and harmful NOx by up to 50% as well as reduced black smoke emissions.  And reduced fuel use also adds to less harmful by-products and emissions.  

Contact eCo-shot to find out more about switching to the eCo-shot LPG fuel injection system.

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