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Biological control system from Ecogrow

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Ecogrow  helps gardeners get rid of insects from areas such as garden stalls, parks, golf course superintendants and sport field curators. Ecogrow offers solutions that help to keep away Scarabs such as African black beetle, Argentine Scarab and so on. Ecogrow's solution also keeps away the Weevil variety like Argentine Stem Weevil (cool season grasses) and Billbug as well as the Caterpillar variety like Cutworm, Armyworm and Sod Webworm.
The solution needs to be top-stirred each time before it is poured into the watering can. The solution has to be used in sections. Before mixing the solution one has to make sure about the area that is going to be covered. Ecogrow recommends one tub of 40 litres of water as a minimum requirement. Users of the product have to ensure that the application is watered in a proper manner and this also helps to avoid flooding.

Ecogrow offers a comprehensive range of environmental bio pesticides which are developed from the CSIRO EN (Entomopathogenic Nematode) technology. There ia a good product for breed control for Fungus Gnat also available. The environmental bio pesticides from Ecogrow offers complete IPM (integrated pest management) consulting and agronomic consulting in order to make sure that the overall objective of plant quality is preserved.

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