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Tank models from Edwards Tanks

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The product range from Edwards Tanks includes round tanks, oval tanks, stock troughs and storage units. The entire range of tank models, provided by Edwards Tanks, can be modified with additional height to suit the requirement of the customer. The concrete water tanks from Edwards Tanks keep the water cool, algae-free and clean. The concrete storage water tanks can be repaired when there are accidents.

The concrete water tanks, available from Edwards Tanks don’t melt, split, low or blisters away. The concrete water tanks can be coloured with the colour of choice.  Edwards Tanks offers concrete storage tanks with windows, lights, doors, wall and roof vents, internal power outlets, plumbing access and electrical conduct inside walls. The concrete water storage offered by Edwards Tanks is constructed with a 3 inch drain as well as a high pressure float of 1 or 1.5 inch.

Edwards Tanks also assists customers for site preparation which involves checking guttering height, digging exact hole, raking ground level, build earth ramp, connect downpipes, immediate filling of the tank to stop floatation and hiring cranes.

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