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Wool traits offered by Egelabra Merino Stud

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Wool offered by Egelabra Merino Stud are of high quality due to their outstanding features of long lines AAA and few odd lines. The wool offered by Egelabra Merino Stud includes characteristics such as spin ability that makes Egelabra wool attractive to processors, good comfort factor, available in the form of soft, pearly and white wool, free from colour and stain. Woolerina uses the fibre provided by Egelabra bloodline for their Australian-made fine wool garments.

The Egelabra Wool Grower's Association (EWA) of Egelabra Merino Stud was formed in the year 1991. This helps to promote the Egelabra lineage and also helps to improve the profitability of wool growing as well as the sale of surplus sheep for its members.

Customer of Egelabra Merino Stud must be bred from approved pure Egelabra sheep for the past 12 years in order to be eligible for membership stock with no introduction of any bloodline outside of the Egelabra line. Two EWA members of Egelabra Merino Stud have to nominate the prospective member.

All the members of Egelabra Merino Stud receive a stencil and membership number, which become as an element of their wool bale station brand.

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