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Tractor variety from Eglinton Bros

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Eglinton Bros  offers a diverse range of John Deere products. Eglinton Bros provides agricultural machinery such as tillage equipment, tractors, headers, harvesters and so on. Eglinton Bros is located in Maitland, South Australia. Eglinton Bros in addition specialises in ride-on mowers for commercial and domestic use. Eglinton Bros provides service facilities in areas such as Maitland, South Australia and Yorke Peninsula. Eglinton Bros provides John Deere tractors such as compact utility tractors, track tractors, row-crop tractors, utility tractors, specialty tractors and four-wheel-drive tractors.

Eglinton Bros also offers farm machinery such as planters, combine harvesters loaders, seeders, plow, sprayers, tillage and so on. The compact tractor variety from Eglinton Bros consist of 2000 Series (17.9-19.8), 3020 Series (22-32.5), 4020 Series (36-43). The utility tractor series from Eglinton Bros comprises of 5003 Series (28-48), 5025 Series (34-56), 5020 Series (45-56), 6030 OOS Series (50-83), 6030 Series (50-99), 6030 Premium Series (62-100), 7030 Premium Series (121-128). The track tractor provided by Eglinton Bros comprises of 8030T Series (149-190), 9020T Series (280- 373), 9030T Series (317-395). Hr Row-Crop tractors from Eglinton Bros comprise of 7020 Series (71-92), 7030 Series (104-134) and 8030 Series (134-205).

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