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The post driver variety from El-gra Engineering comprises of power striker, power master 8 and power master 12 post driver. The post driver from El-gra Engineering is a new addition to hydraulic post drivers. The new power striker post driver from El-gra Engineering encompasses stabilizers legs, hydraulic tilt adjustments, main rail that does not require grease for lubrication. The power striker post driver from El-gra Engineering also includes safety guards which are placed in such a way to protect the operator. The power master series 8 from El-gra Engineering includes features such as wide base and two separate footpads which allows safe and efficient operation on sloping terrain or hilly areas, fail safe design in hydraulic prevents further operation just when a control lever is released, safety guards offer further protection for operator and the post driver's auger is hydraulically placed, in order to remove the danger of manual positioning.

The power master series 12 from El-gra Engineering helps to achieve a 12 inch reach under the hammer, power master series 12 closes to an overall height of 3.2 meters (10' 8") when the mast withdraws, will be able to delivers up to 850 kilogram (1,700 pounds) of hydraulic force to the auger, relating to tough jobs in hard ground (depends on tractor's hydraulic capacity) and so on.

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