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Elders Annual Wool Wearer Trial

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Elders is committed to finding new markets and increasing demand for wool, which is why each year Elders commissions a few hundred garments from an upcoming Australian company who, like Elders are innovative and dedicated to the Australian wool industry.

This year Elders has commissioned 400 woollen ski tops which compete head on with light-weight next-to-skin all-year-round wear. These garments have been developed by ‘Merino Country,’ (www.merinocountry.com), an Australian owned, family company based in Queensland.

Merino Country have developed a high-grade, merino wool, knitted fine-gauge fabric (Micron Knit) that can be used in a wide range of outer and underwear from rugby jerseys to lingerie.

The Elders Merino Country Ski top represents a huge step for the wool industry in competing with other fibres and securing new markets. Elders will follow up the distribution of these garments with a survey which will provide feedback as to the wearability, durability and overall performance of the garments, ensuring that any developments going forward will take head of the ‘trial’ advice. For more information on the Wool Wearer Trial speak to your local District Wool Manager.

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