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Electric branding made easy with instructions for the 12V battery operated branding iron from Electrobrand

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The 12V battery operated branding iron from Electrobrand is simple to use, as outlined in the following product usage instructions from the manufacturer.

Operators will notice that there are two indicator lights and a button facing them in the handle of the 12V battery operated branding iron.

Placing pressure on the button activates the heating mechanism, which, depending on the size of the brand, will take between 8 and 12 seconds to heat to a usable temperature. It is recommended that the time taken for the branding iron to heat up should be used to approach the beast to be branded.

When the brand face on the branding iron is ready to use, the left hand light on the branding iron will glow red. It is at this time that the user should remove pressure on the button and immediately apply the brand. 1 to 2 seconds of pressure is ample to brand most cattle and even less for horses.

When the battery on the 12v battery operated branding iron is fully charged the right hand light will glow green, and will become dim and flicker as the battery discharges. A well charged battery in good order should last the duration of branding 200 head of cattle. The right hand light will go out entirely as the battery flattens. If the battery is still in a vehicle, start the motor occasionally to replenish the battery. The green light will go out totally while the brand head is being heated. 

Looking further at the battery, to operate efficiently the battery operated branding iron needs at least a 12v 11 plate battery, either from a portable battery at the site or by direct coupling to a battery in a vehicle. Most 4x4 vehicles or tractors have a suitable battery.

A special life long trickle charge 12v battery has been found most suitable where a large number of stock are to be branded. These batteries are available with attached carry handles and are specially designed to accommodate overnight trickle charging, or be recharged by a vehicle or portable battery charger during breaks.

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16/04/2013 - It is almost certainly Electrobrand. I would think the unit you have has a smaller case than the normal brand. I need a clear picture of what you have and what you are wishing for. If I am right in my thoughts, what you want involves a different case and control. If so, we could offer a trade on your existing. Please email curlybark@bigpond.com and we will be happy to sort it for you.

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