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Flow monitors from Electrosense Technologies

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Electrosense Technologies  provide flow monitors for monitoring domestic water usage. These flow monitors have a paddle wheel flow meter with wireless data output. This enables them to monitor both interval and cumulative water consumption. These flow meters are powered with 4AA 2500mA NiMH backup batteries using solar energy.

Flow monitors from Electrosense Technologies can also be used in various agricultural and industrial applications where flow rates are high, up to several thousand litres per minute. Flow monitors help in measuring water usage and storage with its wireless flow sensors.

A standard data logger from Electrosense Technologies is available with 32K sample capacity. It can be interfaced to the flow meters and also to the M2M-Manager from Electrosense Technologies for remote data access using a mobile phone.

Electrosense Technologies also provide AQUAGAUGE, a type of wireless electronic liquid level sensor used for liquids. AQUAGAUGE is used to monitor aqueous liquids including rainwater, seawater, wine, process solutions, etc. It can be used in reservoirs, lakes, water tanks, industrial storage tanks, reactors, bilges, irrigation channels, rivers and oceans.

The team employed at Electrosense Technologies comprise professionals and experts from chemistry, materials science, biological sciences, electronics and computing sectors. Electrosense Technologies are dedicated in providing innovation designs of electronic sensing systems with remote monitoring and provide a range of devices suitable for various industrial applications.

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