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GSM and Next G remote monitoring from Electrosense Technologies

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Electrosense Technologies  provide the M2M-MANAGER, a GSM and next G remote monitoring control and alarm system that functions through SMS and MMS messages. It can control equipment and receive alarm signals just by using two mobile phones.

It does not require modem, each M2M –MANAGER has a hardware with a serial data cable, which is connected to the relays, alarm outputs and sensors. A standard system will have 8 I/O lines that is configured into two alarm inputs ( digital), two 10 bit analog and one temperature input.

M2M –MANAGER from Electrosense Technologies uses GSM and CDMA phone networks. This helps in monitoring and controlling a wide range of sensors, alarm systems and machinery. As a default data with 10 bit accuracy is present in the master phone. Temperature can be exactly measured using temperature sensors. M2M –MANAGER can also measure voltage ranging from 0 to 5 volts with 5 megavolt precision.

M2M –MANAGER provided by Electrosense Technologies can be combined to aquaguage units for measuring liquid levels to determine the liquid level in reservoirs, water level in rainwater tanks, ocean, rivers etc. M2M –MANAGER can also be used to monitor the battery charge levels. M2M –MANAGER is provided along with a software that enables the user to apply a three character password to access and a phone number for receiving the SMS.

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