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Remote monitoring devices from Electrosense Technologies

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Electrosense Technologies  focuses on providing electronic sensing systems with an emphasis on remote monitoring devices. These sensors and telemetry systems can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Devices like AQUAGUAGE, SG-ELECTRODE, M2M-MANAGER, CB-Monitor telemetry system are a few products produced by Electrosense Technologies.

M2M-MANAGER from Electrosense Technologies works with GSM mobile phone. This system enables a wide range of sensors. With M2M-MANAGER pumps can be activated just by receiving mobile signals from thousands of kilometres away. It is possible to remotely start and stop various devices. It can control equipment and receive alarm signals just by using two mobile phones.

The SG-ELECTRODE lead-acid battery electrolyte specific gravity (SG) sensor provided by Electrosense Technologies helps in monitoring and controlling an equipment with a remote. The function of SG-ELECTRODE sensor is based on the polymer membrane electrode. Electrosense Technologies provides CB-Monitor telemetry system with a range of systems comprising a central PC-controlled base station. These facilities present in this telemetry system enable scaling and calibration of analog sensors.

Electrosense Technologies also provides AQUAGAUGE digital water level sensors to measure the level of water in water tanks, dams, wells, streams, oceans as well as irrigation channels. This wireless water sensor is suitable for measuring depths up to one millimetre. It can receive sensors ranging from 300 metres to about 500 metres.

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