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Agricultural products and services from Elite Agri – Services

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Elite Agri – Services  offers skilled assistance, products as well as benefits to agricultural sectors. Elite Agri – Services offers its products and services for general, weather, agronomic and livestock. The experienced professionals of Elite Agri – Services assist customers in different areas pertaining to agriculture. Elite Agri – Services offers agronomic services such as weed management and crop protection products, seed and fertiliser requirements for pasture and cropping, prerequisite of general agronomic information, equipment and advice on precision farming, analysis and recommendations pertaining to soil, water and plant testing, pest identification and management recommendations, rotation, planting and management recommendations, on-farm visits in terms of diagnostic and planning purposes.

The livestock services from Elite Agri – Services comprises of internal and external parasite treatments, equipment and advice pertaining to veterinary and animal husbandry, vaccines and vitamins, stock handling and management products and equipment, provision of general livestock information, animal nutrition products, advice and recommendations, feed, water and manure testing and analysis. Elite Agri – Services offers general services such as fencing materials and equipment, oils and batteries, water and irrigation supplies, on farm delivery service, agricultural software and record keeping and so on.

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