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Livestock products from Elite Agri – Services

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The professional staff from Elite Agri – Services offers livestock management services. Worms, lice and flies are some of the common parasites of livestock (and pets) which can cause loss of production or hinder performance. Elite Agri – Services offers various products in order to overcome pests and are available in form of pour-ons, injectables, backrubbers and drenches. Vitamins, hormones and minerals such as Maxi-min, Compudose, Revalor, Vitamin B, Flopac Plus, equilibrium mineral mix and so on can all be of assistance to maximise production and health of animals.

Elite Agri – Services offers numerous products for the handling as well as management of stock. Elite Agri – Services make an effort to supply the best product at a competitive price. Some of the handling and management products from Elite Agri – Services comprises of portable panels, weigh bars and indicators, EID tag readers, crushes, cattle jiggers and feeders. Elite Agri – Services also provides a diverse range of animal nutrition products such as prolix, pasture plus, meal (copra, cotton seed),concentrates (feedlot, pig grower, dairy), pellets (calf weaner, pig, layer, goat, horse and pony, stud and sale), steam flaked (barley, dairy meal),cracked (lupins, corn, mixed grain), dry lick, phosphorous supplements, lick blocks and so on.

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