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Property management solutions from Ellis & Butler

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Ellis & Butler  operates livestock sales to the agricultural industries. The selling complex from the company comprises of 130 live weight scales, selling pens which are enclosed with calf selling pens, dairy cattle facilities and various spelling and weaning paddocks. Ellis & Butler has also extended its process in areas including a state of the art truck washing system, walking and general upgrading of the saleyards, new yards or holding yards.

Ellis & Butler conducts a weekly sale every Monday and they commence at 8.00 am and the sale of dairy cattle, live weight cattle with bobby calves, weaners and store cattle run all through the day. Curfew for all cattle to be sold live weight is conducted on Sunday afternoons or nights by 9.00 pm. Ellis & Butler conducts store sales on a four weekly rotation across the year on a Friday.

Ellis & Butler also conducts machinery and plant sales all over the year at the regional selling centre. Ellis & Butler, in addition, offers property clearance sales on site. Ellis & Butler organises Saturday Store and Hobby Farm sales through appointment.

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