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Enviro Bug Control provide DIY environmental termite monitoring and treatment products as well as mosquito and bug traps.


Question: 23/10/13 - Currently the solar powered snake repellers are on special 2 for $77 plus $15 postage and handling. There are also more volume discounts for larger ... read more


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24/01/13 - Enviro Bug Control is proud to announce the latest addition to their environmentally sound pest control range with the introduction of the Foxlight.
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24/01/13 - The F-3 electronic fly and insect trap from Enviro Bug Control emits UV light at 350 nanometres , which is the optimum wavelength for insect attraction.
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23/01/13 - The M-6 Portable mosquito traps from Enviro Bug Control can be used both in and outdoors and combine several methods of attractions for mosquitoes and house flies.
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23/01/13 - Variable frequency solar powered snake repellers are highly effective systems with a range of 650 square metres for deterring and repelling snakes.
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