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Environmentally Friendly Pest Solutions from Enviro Bug Control

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Enviro Bug Control presents their range of environmentally friendly pest solutions in handling termites, mosquitoes and snakes; without the use of toxic chemicals.

Using toxic chemicals in pest control can affect ones property and eventually ones’ well-being. Government research agencies are constantly reviewing, restricting and banning the use of certain poisons and chemicals due to their potential risks to people, animals and the environment. However, these restrictions on chemicals can also increase the activity of pests.

Enviro Bug Control offers their environmentally friendly safe products and methods that are designed to replace existing harmful pest controls. Their range includes handling termites, mosquitoes and snakes.

Based on CSIRO research, Enviro Bug Control presents the DIY EBC termite monitoring and baiting stations. These stations are easy to install, monitor and treat the termites while protecting the property from termite infestation.

Mosquitoes and Bugs
The EBC Enviro Bug Control Mosquito and Bug traps have been proven to be effective in killing breeding female mosquitoes within a small area. This mosquito and bug traps utilises nano technology to produce small amounts of carbon dioxide to draw mosquitoes into the traps in which they die from eventual dehydration.
The EBC Mosquito and Bug traps contain no fluids or pungent attractants, which means no smells. They are also easy to maintain and perform quietly.

Enviro Bug Control introduces their EBC Solar Powered Snake Repellers, which features the latest innovation of variable frequencies to prevent snakes getting used to one single vibration. When fully charged, the batteries of the EBC Solar Powered Snake Repeller units can last up to three days in cloudy weather. Each snake repeller can cover an area of up to 650 m2.
The EBC Solar Powered Snake Repellers are ideal for protecting valuable animals, and people from confronting ground dwelling snakes.

For more information on the range Enviro Bug Control’s environmentally friendly pest control solutions, visit their website.

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