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Australia ranks top in the world for the highest number of venomous ground dwelling snakes. The real danger, behind these snakes, is when they are cornered, provoked or accidentally stepped on. Australians should take consideration in minimising the risks of confrontation and accidental snake bites.

Enviro bug Control presents their range of Solar Powered Snake Repellers with coverage of up to 700m2 and can be placed at 30m intervals for larger areas. The best method of handling snakes is not to trap or kill them, but to deter them from specific areas where people and animals can be most at risk.

Research has shown ground dwelling snakes are sensitive to vibrations and will only respond by abandoning vibrating areas. However, most snake repeller units only operate on one frequency, which can increase the risks of snakes becoming familiar with the vibration and eventually ignoring the signal.

The Enviro bug’s Solar Powered Repellers operate on a variable frequency, which allows frequency changes on a daily basis to avoid snakes getting used to the signals. The Solar Powered Repellers feature a tough and durable design to withstand all outdoor weather conditions. When fully charged, the battery last up to three days in cloudy weather.

For more information on Enviro bug Control’s range of environmentally friendly solutions in handling pests, visit their website.

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14/11/2012 - The snake repelllers vibrations will not affect dogs or any other animals.
11/10/2012 - The range of the EBC variable frequency snake repelled is 30 metres diameter

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