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Trapping mosquitoes and bugs with YD-003 traps

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article image YD-003 Mosquito trap

The YD-003 Weatherproof mosquito and bug traps from Enviro Bug Control work in all outdoor conditions and will go anywhere mosquitoes are a problem.

The traps contain a special photo-catalyst lamp with a titanium coated venturi collar that produces carbon dioxide which when combined with heat and a particular wavelength ray becomes extremely attractive to mosquitoes and flying insects.

Once drawn in through upper capture window, the central fans strong pull will suck the insects down into a stainless steel capture basket. Once they have been captured there is no escape as the constant flow of air from the internal fan ensures that they dehydrate and die.

The trap’s LED UV lights now use less power and also last much longer than UV tube lamps. With an automatic light sensor switch, running costs are even lower too. The traps should be placed 1 to 2 metres off the ground and at least 4 metres away from where people sit outside.

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