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Nylex water tank from Enviro-Friendly Products

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The Nylex water tank from Enviro-Friendly Products is available in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Enviro-Friendly Products offers a diverse range of small and large Nylex water tank. Enviro-Friendly Products offers direct home deliver facility.

Enviro-Friendly Products offers two types of Nylex water tank namely straight-sided Plastank and corrugated Pura Tank. The straight-sided Plastank from Enviro-Friendly Products are manufactured in Pakenham (near Melbourne), and in Sydney for Victoria, South Australia, ACT and New South Wales. The corrugated Pura Tank from Enviro-Friendly Products is available in Southern Queensland.

The Nylex Plastank water tank from Enviro-Friendly Products is available in range such as 330 litre Rainsaver, 600 slimline oval, 900 litre, 1000 litre, 1100 litre slimline oval, 1600 litre slimline oval, 2000 litre slimline, 2100 litre slimline oval, 2250 litre and so on. Enviro-Friendly Products provides Poly Water tank in areas such as Sydney, Canberra Melbourne Brisbane, and Adelaide along with the Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong areas of New South Wales. Enviro-Friendly Products offers Poly Water tank range like 700 litre Tall Round, 750 litre Tall Round, 1000 litre Tall Round, 1330 litre Round, 1400 litre Slimline, 1500 litre Slimline, 2000 litre Eco-Slimline, 2100 litre Slimline, 2250 litre Slimline and so on.

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