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Recycle of commercial and domestic waste water from Envirocycle

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Envirocycle  is developed specially to recycle commercial and domestic waste water from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. This waste water is treated in a concrete underground tank as per the purity approved by relevant health authorities across Australia. Envirocycle undertakes the age old principle method in treating sewage and sullage from commercial and domestic developments. This procedure involves separating the solids from liquids which allows aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) and anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) to digest the waste.

The natural process of treatment is further enhanced by utilizing an ultra violet disinfection process in any commercial or domestic applications. This natural process is available in the Model 10NR. All other wastewater treatment systems make use of chlorine in its process. The Envirocycle has a monitoring system within the dwelling that makes owners aware about unlikely events of malfunction of any mechanical element.

Envirocycle offers irrigation facility with the help of spray system in selected areas of garden or paddock as required. The treated water is spread through irrigation lines as well as through spray points. This helps to bring back the nutrients to nature in a controlled manner.

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