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Domestic products from Enviroganics

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The domestic products offered by Enviroganics are available in 25 tonne bulk semi-trailer lots,
13 tonne bulk trailers lots, 1 tonne bulk bags and 25 kilogram bags. The export good from Enviroganics are available in 20 feet container lots which have the capacity of holding about 18 metric tonnes bulk or bagged product. Enviroganics works closely with its clients in order to provide requirements as per their needs. The nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, nutrients, calcium, in Enviroganics Premium Compost (30% moisture) are valued at more than 100 dollars per tonne (based on equivalent inorganic fertilisers). Organic carbon trace elements, other components, increased water holding capacity, cation exchange capacity and benificial micro-organisms helps to add an additional value to the Enviroganics Premium Compost.

Most of the farmers holding broad acre of land applies Enviroganics Compost at a rate of 5 tonnes per hectare or 2 tonnes per acre as this is efficient for their cropping rotations. There are also some horticulture farmers who apply Enviroganics Compost at 10 tonnes per hectare or 4 tonnes per acre based on their soil type as well as with reference to their requirement. Light loamy to sandy soils requires heavier application of Enviroganics Premium Compost.

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