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Organic soil horticulture from Enviroganics

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The temperature of about 68ºC generated by products from Enviroganics kills pathogens and weed seeds. The standard compost is then screened through a 10 millimetre screen. Continuous monitoring of raw materials as well as the composting process helps to improve the consistency and quality of the finished product. Enviroganics Premium Compost has biological farmers of Australia (B.F.A.) certification. Enviroganics Premium Compost is used for application of organically grown crops. Enviroganics Premium Compost has SQF 2000 certification (including HACCP) for the distribution and manufacture of organic soil horticulture and gardening industry which in turns designates the compost free of pathogens.

Enviroganics undertakes regular testing keeping in mind the certification arrangements as well as nutrient concentrations which are monitored on a regular basis. The major clients of Enviroganics comprises of horticultural enterprises and domestic agricultural especially grapes, vegetables, cotton, suage cane, citrus, melons and flowers, and others such as golf clubs and amenity so on. Enviroganics are also in position to offer products as per the requirements of its customers. Enviroganics can offers products irrespective of whether it is a small or large order.

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