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Soil conditioners and fertilisers from Enviroganics

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Enviroganics  offers natural soil conditioners and fertilisers to clients located in Australia. The products offered by Enviroganics are well suited for bowling greens, farm crops, playing fields, golf courses, parks, industrial estates, residential gardens and so on. Enviroganics is also finding ways and means to export products to Japan, South-East Asia and the Middle East. Enviroganics offers slow release plant nutrients. Enviroganics helps to form metallo-organic complexes which stabilises the micro-nutrients. Enviroganics builds aggregates that help to improve soil structure. Enviroganics also helps to improve water penetration, aeration and soil water holding capacity.

Enviroganics offers charged particles that embrace and exchange nutrients. The buffers soil from abrupt pH changes and in turn help to reduce soil sodium. Enviroganics comprises of beneficial micro-organisms for soil improvement as well as to control soil-borne plant diseases. Enviroganics increases the organic carbon levels, double that of aged and raw manures. Enviroganics reduces the usage of chemical fertiliser and in turn supplies the total potassium which is needed for most crops. Enviroganics does not have smelly odour. Initially the manure is cleaned from feedlot pens and is placed in windrows. Later the sawdust is added and the windrows are watered and turned weekly for about 16 weeks until the substance is fully composted.

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