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Agricultural products from Enviromist Industries

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The Adjustable Spraydome, Undavinas and Spraydome range of products from Enviromist Industries provide an unmatched range of weed control products that can be used for almost any kind of application in orchards and vineyards. The Vegemiser and Vegedome range of weed control products provide alternatives that can be used for vegetables and berry crops. The Hedger kit offered by Enviromist Industries helps in summer pruning applications for vines and other crops. The Enviromist range of tanks from Enviromist Industries offer strength, presentation and the added benefit of fresh water flushing. The Micron Herbi and Triangle tractor Quick Hitch systems are other speciality products from the company.

Agricultural products offered by Enviromist Industries comprise of the Herbi hand held sprayers, HiFlo sprayers, electronic controllers, hedge pruning kits, tanks, Vegedome sprays, Spraymiser products and many more. The Undavinas range of products from Enviromist Industries are used for applying herbicides to provide weed-free strips in row crops such as vines. These products can be supplied in sizes and dimensions of 250 millimetre, 450 millimetre, 650 millimetre and 850 millimetre according to row spacing and treatment techniques.

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