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Spraying equipment from Enviromist Industries

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Enviromist Industries  is a specialist in manufacturing CDA ground as well as aerial spraying equipment for horticultural and agricultural applications, turf, fruit and vines, amenity and so on. Enviromist Industries is based in Berri, South Australia. Enviromist Industries is dedicated to the on-going development of more reliable, safer, cost effective and accurate spraying utilising Controlled Droplet Application technology. Enviromist Industries offers a diverse range of weed control which are used in berry farms, vegetable farms, vineyards, tree fruit orchards, flower farms, urban footpath weed control, fence line weed control and general farm use. Enviromist Industries uses weed control, application of growth regulators, applications of some insecticides and fungicides in the turf and amenity market.

The Enviromist tank range from Enviromist Industries offers simple end of day fresh water flushing without the requirement to empty the spray tank. The Enviromist products provided by Enviromist Industries which offers same kind of results such as improved chemical usage, reduced drift, less time filling tanks, more cost effective control of the spraying operation. The main aim of developing the new spraying technology is based on the objective to lower the volume as well as the cost of chemicals used.

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