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Epic Commodities acts as a platform that introduces buyer to seller, encouraging competition and facilitating through referral and tender processes. Epic currently hosts Grain XChange and Transport Logistics, with Red Meat, Mining and Hay XChange coming soon.   


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02/09/11 - Epic Commodities reports positive feedback they received from the Grain Industry Expo 2011, which was held in late August, across three days in three different locations.
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08/07/11 - Epic Commodities is planning a Grain Industry Expo, to cater for all growers, with addresses from various marketers, consultants and accountants.
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30/06/11 - Epic Commodities offers a few do’s and don’ts on correct farm storage practices for effective grain storage and insect control.
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08/06/11 - For anyone involved in grain transport, getting home safely at the end of the day has to be the top priority.
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