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Grain Storage and Insect Control Tips from Epic Commodities

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Epic Commodities  offers a few do’s and don’ts on correct farm storage practices for effective grain storage and insect control.  

Phosfume tablets:  

Phosfume tablets must not be mixed in grain for two key reasons. First, they may not dissolve until exposed to air on out loading, subjecting the truck driver or end user to gas. Secondly, the tablets have a heavy metals base in the clay powder, which is not suitable for human consumption.  

Phosfume tablets are extremely flammable and can spontaneously combust, and must not be wet.  

The tablets must not be placed in the grain trucks when loading as they are harmful to anyone coming in contact with the truck or the load.  

Grain samples must not be taken out of silos while under gas or even out-turned within the holding period. One should also not climb into a silo to sweep out if grain has recently been under gas.  

Phosfume tablets must be left for the recommended length of time in the silo before preparing to outturn to prevent re-infestation.  

Grain storage hygiene: 

  • Storage areas and augers must be cleaned prior to filling with grain and treated using liquid sprays
  • All grain storage areas must be cleared of weeds and debris
  • Storage area must be well drained to prevent water stagnation after a rain
  • Grain must not be left in hoppers
  • Storage facility must be waterproof
  • Fencing should be installed to keep stock or vermin out
  • Grain contamination must be prevented when using pest baiting stations


Sealed silos that are not oil vented or vented in some way must not be aerated.    

Aerate where possible since aeration promotes the control of grain temperature and silo head temperature.

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