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Equessential  is a cooltech market head in cold therapy ice boots for horses. Equessential has made use of the 40 years of experience that is being gained by the proprietors in the horse retail and racing industry in order to develop equine cold therapy goods that are custom-made especially for equine physiology and movement. Equessential has created numerous effective as well as durable products which in turn fulfil the requirements of all those who wish to ice their horses by combining lot of features.

Icewrap & Cooltech Ice Boots encompasses items such as Extra Large Shin or Fetlock Boot, Large Shin or Fetlock Boot, Medium Shin or Fetlock Boot, Knee Attachment for all Shin or Fetlock Boots, Small Fetlock Boot, Hock Boot and Extra Large Hock Boot. Equessential in addition has also built a unique, patented process. These patented processes are custom made plaited ribbon browband which is enclosed in a lightweight, tough, clear protective sleeve, guaranteeing durability, practicality. The main aim of Equessential is to design and produce standard innovative equine products which in fact fulfil the needs of the end user and are also easy to use.

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