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Equine Nutrition and Horse Feed Supplements

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Equine Health is the most important factor in a long and happy life of a horse. Horse Feed Supplements from Equi-Aide Products Pty Ltd guarantee that equine nutrition needs are taken care of.

Rice bran oil and rice bran oil extract, the foundation for our supplements for horses, contain the natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol*. Body Builder is a unique, specially formulated, emulsified liquid concentrate, which means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and effective to equine health.

The Body Builder horse feed supplements has been used by some of the best in the industry successfully for over 15 years in achieving and maintaining optimum equine health and nutrition for horses.

Body Builder: the natural, healthy and safe horse feed supplement

Body Builder horse feed supplement is intended for use on horses in training and sales preparation.The active ingredient in this horse feed supplement was discovered in Japan and is manufactured there. It is not a hormone or a vitamin and it is a food supplement derived from rice bran. It has no side effects and can be sold without a prescription.

It is being used in Japan by body builders, horses and other athletes.

This new equine health product is natural and safe. This horse feed supplement is designed for body building and peak performance without stress and/or other side effects.

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