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Pallet racking solutions from Erect-A-Rack

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The pallet racking solutions from Erect-A-Rack  consist of features such as drive-ins, efficient storage, Mezzanine floors and customised solutions. Erect-A-Rack offers high density pallet racking specially for superior storage space. Drive in pallet racking provided by Erect-A-Rack is well suited for non perishable items such as plastics, papers and so on. Mezzanine floors from Erect-A-Rack help to move client’s storage upwards with heavy duty weight bearing capacity.

Erect-A-Rack can evaluate the customers existing systems and can also recommend effective storage solution as required. The drive in pallet racking provided by Erect-A-Rack makes clients warehouse logistics easy. Some of the common problem with reference to non-drive in pallet racking includes inefficient use of space, inflexible and labour intensive. The drive in pallet racking offered by Erect-A-Rack provides more space which helps customers to adapt to stock fluctuation. Drive in pallet racking helps to stack multiple pallets in single lanes. Drive in pallet racking provides easier access which is an effective solution for warehouse problems. Drive in pallet racking from Erect-A-Rack is very cost effective which utilises existing space instead of hiring more.

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