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Air carts and air drills from Ezee-On (Aust)

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Ezee-On (Aust)  offers design and manufacturing services for a range of agricultural support equipment and machinery including air carts, air drills, air seeders, cultivators, chisel plows, post drivers, front end loaders, offset discs and tandem discs. The air carts and air drills, manufactured by Ezee-On (Aust), are tested for quality and performance.

Ezee-On (Aust) uses three-dimensional design techniques for manufacturing innovative agricultural support equipment and machinery. Air carts can be used for accurate metering applications. The air carts supplied by Ezee-On (Aust) are easy to operate and maintain.

The mechanical metering drive system of the air carts, designed by Ezee-On (Aust), helps in reducing production downtime. Ezee-On (Aust) offers machinery set up and operational support and training services to its clients with equipment handling needs. Air carts distributed by Ezee-On (Aust) are available with fold down railings and smart monitoring systems. The large platforms of the air carts provide convenient access to the top of the tank.

Ezee-On (Aust)'s air carts are available with rice lug tyres. The air drills can be used for simple and accurate seeding applications.

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