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Solar desalination technology from F Cubed Australia

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New solar water desalination technology could make water restrictions on farms, pastoral stations and remote communities a thing of the past. 

F Cubed Australia have developed solar water processors which can produce safe, high quality, potable water from any source including saline aquifers, brackish ground water, polluted or contaminated industrial waste water and sea water.

Chief executive officer of F Cubed, Peter Johnstone says that direct solar desalination technology do not require any power other than the sun. This means they are ideal for isolated farming and mining communities in sunny WA.

“We’ve got a solar efficiency of 65% which is double anything that’s ever been achieved before using a direct solar distillation system,” Johnstone said.

“It’s an opportunity for farmers to turn unusable bore water into useable water.

“You can make some water using our process and blend that with your bore to bring the salt level down to a desirable level, then you’ve got water that can be used for your animals or irrigation or whatever, which also brings down the cost.”

Water produced by this solar desalination technology is free of pathogens and heavy metals which are killed in the distillation process. With minimal moving parts and no membranes or filters, the solar desalination system should not need any maintenance over its lifetime.

Panels can be installed as a single module for a family or multiplied for larger commercial use. Customers can install the panels themselves, according to whether water is to be gravity fed or pressure pumped.

“ZLD works really well for abattoirs and processors of vegetables because we can take any water they produce from their enterprise, run it through our panels, and give them back the water they would normally discharge,” Johnstone says.

He adds that the solar desalination system is environmentally friendly and has no greenhouse gas emissions.

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