Study finds FOSS Infratec 1241 grain analysers extremely accurate, stable
23.08.2012 - A study has found that FOSS Infratec grain analysers and the global ANN prediction model WB003034 accurately predict the moisture and protein content of grain.
The NIRS DA1650 feed analyser from FOSS
07.05.2012 - FOSS has recently announced the release of the NIRS DA1650, a feed analyser with the potential to instantly enhance quality and process economy.
Portable on-farm grain analyser from FOSS
24.08.2009 - FOSS in the Pacific region has announce the Infratec Sofia, a rugged, simple-to-use and accurate grain analyser that allows farmers to make informed decisions about when to harvest and how best to use the crop.
New wine analyser validated around the world
24.08.2009 - FOSS have announced positive results from an international validation test of the global standard calibrations supplied with OenoFoss, a new wine analyser allowing instant quality control of grapes and wine.
Desktop Quality Check
29.01.2009 - The latest test data on food products in production is now just a mouse click away.
Electronic Tongue to Decide Wine Quality
28.01.2009 - As reported in the UK’s Independent newspaper this summer, scientists from the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics have developed an ‘electronic tongue’ for tasting wine, with the ability to distinguish between grape varieties and vintages.
Portable On-Farm Grain Analyser to Improve Harvest and Profit
27.01.2009 - FOSS in the Pacific region has launched the Infratec™ Sofia, a rugged, simple-to-use and accurate grain analyser that allows farmers to make informed decisions about when to harvest and how best to use the crop.
Infratec™ Sofia a hit with Australian Grain Farmers
27.01.2009 - FOSS in the Pacific region has launched a new portable on-farm grain analyser called the Infratec™ Sofia. This new instrument was released in August and is being distributed by ABB Grain Ltd in Eastern Australia and the CBH Group in the West.
FOSS in India Supporting Developments in Dairy and Grain
26.01.2009 - FOSS opened a new sales subsidiary in India earlier this year. As the new company settles into place, In Focus asked managing director, Anurag Bhatnagar about ways in which FOSS can support food and agriculture production in the world’s second most p
Advanced Digestion Unit Simplifies Soil, Plant and Water Analysis
25.01.2009 - The Tecator™ Digestion Unit 2540 Auto is a new digestion block offering flexible operations in the laboratory and full compatibility with FOSS Kjeltec™ distilling units. The unit is the latest addition to the popular FOSS range that introduced the al
FOSS Awarded Prestigious Food Industry Prize
24.01.2009 - On 12th June, the Danish Food Forum awarded its Quality and Innovation Prize 2008 to FOSS.
Grain in Hawaii
23.01.2009 - FOSS attended the AACC International annual meeting held in Hawaii in September and contributed several presentations to the Applied Science Track session.
Global Standard for Detergent Fibre Analysis of Animal Feed with Fibertec™ as a Suitable Option
22.01.2009 - A new standard for determination of acid detergent fibre (ADF) and acid detergent lignin (ADL) content has been approved by CEN and ISO.
All-in-One Fat Standardisation Solution
21.01.2009 - The advantages of continuous process control of fat content in meat products are broadly recognised, but implementing a monitoring and control solution is no simple matter when you have to assemble the various hardware, software and calibration eleme
Continuous Monitoring of Fat Content in Meat made simple with New Process Monitoring System
20.01.2009 - FOSS has released the XDS Process Analytics™ Direct Light system, a simple-to implement fat monitoring solution allowing meat producers to optimise the use of valuable raw materials, while consistently matching customer expectations.
Fingerprinting Raw Materials to ensure Safe Products
19.01.2009 - Amid ongoing concerns about the quality of raw milk entering the food supply chain, FOSS highlights the proven potential of analysis with infrared spectroscopy to screen raw material before it goes into production as milk products or powdered milk.
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