Fair Dinkum Sheds

Fair Dinkum Sheds is a leading distributor of residential garages and carports, barns, farm sheds, industrial and commercial buildings and is widely acknowledged as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in Australia.
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Supplier news
22/05/13 - Fair Dinkum Sheds introduces a new app that allows prospective buyers to design and customise a steel building structure in 3D on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Supplier news
03/10/11 - Farm sheds from Fair Dinkum Sheds are designed to be used in a range of different situations and are fully engineered to accommodate the region where it will be built.

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Fair Dinkum Sheds (Head office) Update these details
Suite 110, 1 Centennial Dr
NSW 2560
Tel: 1800 050 000
Fax: 02 4627 5915

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